Invoice Digitization

An invoice is a dated and addressed list of goods sent or services provided, with pricing and tax details. The digitization of this invoice allows for the information to support automated processes.


Access invoice data to make things simple.

Accounts Payable

Streamline inbound accounts payable invoice processing. Most suppliers simply have to submit invoices by email and our technology then extracts invoice data to a line-level. Invoices are screened, validated, and stored. You can decide by supplier if accounts payable invoice approval should be manual or automatic. Approved invoices are made available for import to your purchase ledger.

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Accounts Receivable

'Monitored Invoice Delivery' gives you visibility of when invoices were delivered AND when they were viewed by customers. Armed with this information you can get paid faster and with less effort. We also provide outsourced invoice printing as part of a process to migrate customers away from paper to electronic invoice delivery.

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Price Monitor

Price Monitor is designed to improve your gross margin by identifying pricing issues on invoices received from suppliers. Operating independently on our secure cloud, it does not require resources from either your IT or Accounting functions.

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Just some of the organizations utilizing OnePosting.


What our happy customers say
OnePosting has personally saved me one day per week that I have been able to use to drive our business forward.
Alison Ritchie

Alison Ritchie

Managing Director, Polar Ice Limited

The platform makes managing and processing invoices easier for our team and suppliers. A shared timeline on every invoice will streamline our trading relationships and removing paper processes will benefit everyone.
Joan Quinn

Joan Quinn

Senior Director, Vendor Services, Loblaw Companies Ltd

Traceability is the key thing that OnePosting gives us. We can see when and how and to whom an invoice was sent but crucially we can also see if and when it was viewed. Time saving is another key benefit.
Margaret McQuillan

Margaret McQuillan

Billing Administrator, CWS-Boco Ireland

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