ap automation

Building a Business Case for AP Automation

The finance department is already a cost centre so adding extra software expense can be tough sell. It is important for the internal champion to build a business case for AP Automation. A recent study by Business Insider on AP Automation found that the $22 trillion US B2B payments market has been slow to digitize, with 36% of firms using paper invoicing, 47% relying on manual processes for approval, and 49% of payments made by check. The signs are point that there can be significant opportunities for digital transformation.  Often the key to moving ahead with an AP Automation project is to build a business case. Here are a few of the items that could be included.

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accounts receivable goals

Setting Accounts Receivable Goals

Working capital is very important to a business and accounts receivable goals can help make sure your business has the cashflow it needs. There are many strategies that can be used to help increase your working capital. This can include improved process and technology, like OnePosting’s AR solution. It can be difficult to know how the finance team is progressing without setting and measuring accounts receivable goals. Here are a few accounts receivable goals that your organization could be using.

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