The Future of AP Software Solutions

The future of AP software solutions is here. There are significant benefits for organizations to use AP Software Solutions. As an example, a recent study by the United States Treasury has estimated that by implementing e-invoicing across all federal government agencies, it could help cut costs by 50% for an annual savings of $450 Million. Right now Latin America countries are amoung the leaders in embracing invoice digitization. Here are a few of the themes that are driving the future of AP software solutions.
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AI-based accounting software

How AI Will Impact the Future of Accounting

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is developing at a very rapid and rather alarming rate – and the end results might not be what most of us expect. Some of the world’s biggest tech personalities like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have already warned the public about the potential dangers of the speed at which AI is advancing. And while this may sound like a Hollywood sci-fi movie to most people, some professionals are already feeling the pressure of AI’s unexpected forward leaps – particularly those in the fields of accounting and finance.
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oneposting price monitor

Introducing OnePosting Price Monitor

Is every vendor price the best that it can be? Can you be certain that every price on every invoice is correct? Are there variations in price for the same item in different locations? Have there been price increases that have not been approved correctly? How have price fluctuations affected purchasing?

We have identified discrepancies of between 1% and 3% in vendor pricing when invoices are analysed. That’s $10k to $30k for every $1m spent with vendors.

Multiply these variances by your annual spend to estimate the impact on your business.
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