invoice financing

Invoice Financing with Accelerated Payments

We are excited to announce that our brother company Accelerated Payments is proving invoice financing in Europe and North America. At OnePosting we believe in the power of digitizing the invoice. This can provide a wide range of benefits to an organization, including provided working capital. Accelerated Payments utilizes OnePosting to power the invoice presentment and verifications. OnePosting reduces the manual effort and speeds up the process.
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modernizing accounts receivable

Things To Consider When Modernizing Accounts Receivable

Modernizing accounts receivable is often low hanging fruit for medium sized B2B organizations. We have written recently on the Future of AP Software, but there are also significant improvements available through modernization of account receivable. A study from Altradius found that the average credit terms in North America was 27 days but average payment duration was 61 days. That is a large gap and can be very problematic for an AR Department. Many B2B organizations still have antiquated AR processes which is not helping their customers pay them on time. Modernization of accounts receivable makes things easier for customer and also reduces manual effort. Here are the main components in modernizing accounts receivable.
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